Injury, Why It Happens

Whether professional, amateur, or a weekend warrior injury prevention is one of the most important issues that an athlete will face throughout their training career.

Common chronic injuries like planter fasciitis, runners knee, chronic low back pain, IT band syndrome, ACL tears etc. are extremely preventable. You just need to know why they happen

and the right combination of stretches and exercises to prevent them from happening.

Pains and aches begin to set in for two major reasons:

1.Muscles and tendons begin to tighten and stiffen.

>Tight and stiff muscles decrease force production making it harder to "get going." It's why sometimes it feels like we are putting in a lot of effort but seeing diminished results.

>The stiffer you get, and the less you do about it the more likely you are to turn a nagging chronic issue into a full blown injury.

2. Muscle imbalances

>Some muscles are underused while others are over used.

>Under used muscles become weak and lead to poor muscle activation

>Over used muscles become tight and pull the body out of alignment.

Your muscles have to be strong, supple, and slightly elastic. They should literally be so tender that you could pull them off the bone. The less preventative work you do the stiffer you get and the more elasticity you lose.

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